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You wake up inside a Magical cave, full of mysteries. You remember nothing.

Explore the land of Lala, Solve puzzles, and Find your way out.

Escape Lala is a point-and-click Adventure Game / Escape Room with a nostalgic vibe and artstyle.



4.7 STARS on Google Play

4.7 STARS on Apple Store

“Created by just a two-person team over the course of a year, Escape Lalalooked to tap into the classic point-and-click adventures of the ’90s like King’s QuestSimon the SorcererThe Legend of Kyrandia and more, and although it was a pretty brief experience it really captured that classic feeling well with a hint of modern escape room games.”  (Touch Arcade)

“Escape Lala belongs to the genre of graphic adventures done well […] Every now and then comes some title that reminds us of the times of the Lucas and the Sierra […] Escape Lala made me relive that magic” (IGN Italy)

“[…] this introduction to the genre point & click is still well dosed, fun to browse and offering a beautiful accent of nostalgiainspired by the standards of the genre. The work of Duckbear Lab studio is quality, we just enjoyed being able to continue the adventure a little more before escaping. This is in any case a game that can easily discover the genre for the youngest!” 7/10 Good! (KickMyGeek)

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